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我已经准备好。。。。 Be up for 1.被考虑(提升等),被提名: His name is up for the chairmanship. 他被提名担任主席职务。 2. 在法庭受审;被裁决: The case was up for the final decision in the Supreme Court. 该案由最高法院作最后裁决...

前面是was因为房子是以前买的,后面用is因为他现在才要卖 除去which 的话也可以,但是要把 was也除去,否则句子就有was 和 is 两个动词了 可改为 a public house recently bought by Mr. Ian Thompson is up for sale. 就对了。如果还有什么问题...


down for you is up 为你写下了 双语对照 例句: Is this just all to fire up for you? 这样的话题对你来说是不是太过火了?



但是,食物快速通过非反刍动物消化道弥补了这一点不足。 more than相当于副词,表示强调 兄弟,这是托福听力中的,你也太强了吧

㈠《Shawshank Redemption肖申克的救赎》 1.You know some birds are not meant to be caged, ...

Writing's On The Wall - Sam Smith I've been here before But always hit the floor I've spent a lifetime running And I always get away ...

你的护照已经准备好可以取了。 Your passport is ready for pickup. 去拿吧.


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